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so i was wondering why my parents are always so disappointed in me, and then i realized

here’s my sister:


here’s my other sister:


and here’s me


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What they say to kids who want pets: Are you sure you're not just saying you want one because all your friends have one? Remember, it's not going to be small and cute forever, it will grow up eventually! It's a living being that will depend entirely on you for the rest of its life. Are you really sure you're ready for this?
What they say to adults who DON'T want kids: Oh, you'll want one sooner or later. Everybody does, after all. Besides, babies are soooo cute, aren't they? You'd better hurry up before you get too old!
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All the beta kid snowflakes together

Snowflake print-out links

John | Rose | Dave | Jade

Cool fact: the reason why I scan these flakes after I draw them on the computer and cut them out is to demonstrate that they’re really not too hard to make.

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